Our company


How it started...


Kermann Kft. was established in 2008, as a consulting and market research company. Our consulting and research activities were primarily focusing on the area of infocommunication in the first few years of our operations. Thereafter our portfolio was extended to cover new activities and services, including technical and LED lighting technology developments, and continued our operations under the name of Kermann Műszaki Fejlesztő és Tanácsadó Kft. Our main goal in the professional and scientific areas is to research, develop and implement lighting technology solutions that match any environmental specific demand, and thanks to their lower level of consumption, able to reduce the burden on the environment during their use.


Our present operations...

Last year we started the implementation of a new chapter: the external design of our lamps is currently being redesigned. In addition to their reliability, our lamps are now getting a modern, designer appearance. We are currently in the process of conducting the tests required for the new lamps, and hopefully will be able to launch our new products soon.


Our future...

We are in perpetual motion, with new dreams and new plans coming online all the time. Our developers are constantly working on designing new lamps for the future, fully understanding that a lamp can be much more than simply an object giving light. As part of the IoT systems, lamps now supply information about transport routes, temperature, or the movement of goods. They give information on many aspects that represent a significant cost burden for any company. Information that can offer a significant competitive edge to any company led by a conscious vision for the future. 



Visszahívást kérek

Miért a Kermann BIM?

  • magyar tulajdonú cég
  • támogatjuk egy minden igényt kielégítő BIM rendszer kiépítésében
  • a megrendelőnek költséghatékony, de professzionális megoldást kínálunk
  • folyamatos háttértámogatás biztosítunk
  • tapasztalatunk és a folyamatos tanulás garantálja, hogy a megrendelt igényt az optimális munkafolyamatokkal érjük el
  • tervezétől-megvalósításig teljeskörű szolgáltatás csomaggal állunk rendelkezésére


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